Advanced Studio C2 - Fall 2011

Studio expectations and policies:
1. Attend all classes. In case of an expected absence, please call a peer or an instructor in advance. 
If you miss two classes, your grade will be diminished, and if you miss three, you will be asked to withdraw. 
2. Participate in class discussions and reviews. 
3. Work a minimum of ten hours each week outside class on assignments. Never miss a class because you have not had a chance to complete an assignment. 
4. Maintain a class sketchbook/collage/video/photo essay by making daily notes and sketches. 
We will be using class websites for information distribution, schedule, so please check frequently.

Studio      320 Newbury St.  Boston, MA   Room 301

Time        Wednesday 7:15pm-10:15pm

Faculty     Abraham Ahn cell) 617 299 9055

                   Mark Urrea cell) 413 297 8607