Welcome to our Homepage!

The AHNA Oregon Chapter is a varied team of holistic nursing professionals with one common goal:  spread the word about holistic nursing in Oregon!  

Our dream is to have a comprehensive resource guide for practitioners and patients alike to know what options for holistic health, wellness, and healing are available to them in Oregon.  

We meet every month for networking and holistic specialty trainings and presentations.  Join us at our next meeting to find out what Holistic Nursing is really all about.  (Non-nursing professionals are welcome to attend these networking meetings too.)

About AHNA
The American Holistic Nurse's Association was founded in 1981. 
About the Oregon Chapter
The Oregon Chapter of AHNA includes a group of over 50 holistic nurses (RN's, NP's, APRN's, etc.)  We represent a wide variety of specialties from community health to intensive care to nursing policy-makers, but we all share an overarching belief that health and healing requires a holistic approach.
How to Get Involved
The Oregon chapter of AHNA has a monthly networking meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month in Portland. 
Check out our calendar for additional links to a variety of holistic nursing activities, seminars, and educational opportunities in Oregon.