Ahmed Owian

Software Engineer

Email: ahmedowian@gmail.com
Skype: ahmedowian
Twitter: @ahmedowian
Blog: https://ahmedowian.wordpress.com


For Recruiters and Potential Employers:

I last marketed myself at $135k/year perm with great benefits or at least $75/hr on W2.

Great benefits include around 30 days of total PTO, 100% 401k match up to 5% of salary, bonus, stocks/options, and health insurance.


TDD, Alfresco, Java, Software Engineer, Javascript, Web Developer


I'm currently in Atlanta, Georgia. I prefer roles either remote or based in Birmingham, Alabama, although I am willing to stay in Atlanta.


I am currently employed and not looking for new opportunities.

I am ok with up to 5% travel for the job, but I prefer no travel required.

I travel out of the country to visit family 80 days per year and work remotely while doing it.


I don't want to work in the financial or insurance sectors.

I love to work in Software Engineering Process and Productivity.

Contacting Me (Interviews):

Please email me. Do not call me.  See my calendar below, and simply send me a meeting request to set up a call or an interview to ahmedowian@gmail.com. My acceptance of your invitation is a confirmation that I will be there for our appointment. Please give me enough driving time to arrive to a physical location.  

All my times on my schedule are Eastern time zone.

Ahmed Owian (ahmedowian@gmail.com)