Yemen And Malaysia
The relationship between Yemen and Malaysia dates back to the 15th Century. Historians of the Malay culture and civilization have always acknowledged the crucial role played by the Yemeni merchants, Ulama and Muftis - especially from Hadramout - in the lslamisation process which started among the Rajasand the high strata of the  Malays, converting the Malay people into Islam.
The social and cultural trends in present-day Hadrami Arab societies in Malaysia, and the history of the Hadrami Arab people, which demonstrates an early form of globalization. For centuries migration has played a vital part in Hadrami adaptation. External forces,such as the expanding powers of the Portugese in the Indian Ocean and the Turkish conquering Yemen, and internal forces like poverty, droughts and political unrest as well as trading opportunities and missionary work instigated migration movements. While some Hadrami Arabs sought work in North America and Europe, other waves of Hadrami migration have followed the monsoon winds of the Indian Ocean to the Zanzibar coast, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The story of Hadramis in Malaysia has largely been a story of success, in terms of trade, politics, education and religious activities. Recently, the two countries Yemen and Malaysia, followed their recent decision to promote their respective official news agencies, Saba and Bernama Through the exchange of news between Saba and Bernama, officials say, the people of Malaysia and Yemen would have a better understanding of each other, as well as enabling them to know more about each other's countries.