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My graduate projects searches for new methods to locate mobile users, through GSM information like history of cell towers and signal strength. It also uses the knowledge of mobile users’ location to try to solve the traffic congestion problem.


  1. Winner in the Information Technology Industry Development Agency’s (ITIDA) competition.
  2. Team have been chosen as one of the Young Innovators’ Awards (YIA) Program winners for the academic year 2008/2009.
  3. Was chosen one of best Five graduate projects by Alexandria University year 2008/2009.
Project Resources
  1. The project report.
  2. The project presentation.
Graduate Project Team
  1. Ahmed Ali Ateya Taha.
  2. Ahmed Hassan El-Roby.
  3. Mohammed Adel Elghetany.
  4. Mohammed Hassan Fahmy.
  5. Mohammed Ibrahim.