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 Projects i did on Android SDK

 "developed on Android Android v1, v1.5" 
This utility facilitate the way people communicate worldwide by providing a tool that takes words from your language and speak it back into another one that you specify. for more details

 "developed on Android Android v1"
This program help developers record data concerning their location and GSM data status also provide an easy way to send and store the recorded data files on different  FTP servers.

 "developed on Android Android v1"
This class provide a similar API to that provided by J2SE to create and maintain FTP client on the Android OS, so you can upload and download your files on/from FTP servers, for more details

"developed on Android Android rc_15"
This applications was developed to help users locate their nearby Friends and important places according to their needs. It was developed over the wenear API developed by e-space Company. for more details.

 "developed on Android rc_14"
Application aims to facilities Android user experience while surfing the internet on Android browser by providing him with application that providing basic internet tasks like search, shopping, translating text and etc...... for more details