My Research and Publications

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a). Research Communications
10. Balasooriya, A.H.K.(2012) A sustainable solution for automation of Sri Lankan libraries NILIS 2012 Conference -Colombo


09. Abeysekara, N.., Balasooriya, A.H.K.(2012) Achieving Better Relationship Marketing through Better Communication in Library, NILIS 2012 Conference -Colombo
08.  Weerasinghe, K.M.S, Balasooriya., A.H.K, Ransinghe., S.L  and Wijethilaka,L.C. (2012) Effect of Macro and Micro Nutrients on Occurrences of Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium oxyporum) in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). Proceedings of the 32nd  Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology. [Abstracts].Pg.23
07. Balasooriya,A.H.K.   Siriwardena,A.S. and  Illangarathne,S.K. (2012)  Lighting the Digital Darkness: Implementation of a University Digital Repository, Sri Lanka Library Association, Conference NECLIS 2012, The Conference, June 20-21, Colombo.
06. Liyanagama, J.,Vidanapathirana, U, Balasooriya, AHK (2012)Why the Old Model of University Education is Archaic: Challenges to Policy Planners and the University Academia, 5th Research Conference, The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, March 30-3,1 2012. Colombo. Pp. 184-185:
05. Balasooriya, AHK(2010) Localization of Moodle( an Open Source Course Management System) to Singhala Language: A contributor experience. Proceedings of the Conference on Localised system and Application (CLSA)2010. 20th- 21stAugust, 2010,  University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. P.85
04. Balasooriya, AHK and Senevirathne, W(2010), Effectiveness of RFID and Electromagnetic(EM) Security Gates: an Installation experience of a library, ICULA 2010 Conference Proceedings, University Librarianship: an academic challenge & an Opportunity., University Librarians association, Sri Lanka. Pp.158-158
03. Balasooriya, AHK (2008)Influence and Impact of Internet on the Learning Behavior upon the Conventional University Library System: A study conducted using OULS library Virtual Resource Centre. LIS Research Symposium: Librarian for Development, Library and Information Science Alumini Associaltion, University of kelaniya Sri Lanka, p. 37-38.

02. Gamage, H.R, George, R. M and. Balasooriya, AHK (2005). Virtual Classroom as an Avenue for e-learning: a study of present statues and future: the case of CEMBA/CEMPA, The OUSL Silver Jubilee Annual Academic Conference, 2005

01. Marambe B., Amarasigne L., Dissanayake S. and Balasooriya, AHK (2000): Distribution of the alien invasive plant Mimosa pigra L. In Sri Lanka. Proceeding of the Symposium: Alien invasive Species of Sri Lanka: Impact on ecosystems and management(Ed..B Marambe)pp 69-63. Ministry of Forestry and Environment of Sri Lanka and the national Agriculture Society of Sri Lanka.

b). Manuals/Books:

Balasooriya, AHK (2005) Manual: National Biotechnology/ Bio-safety Resources Database ,Global Environment facility(GEF), United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Sri Lanka.

c). Book Chapters:

3. Balasooriya, AHK (2010), Internet & Email, Computer Awareness Program Guidebook, Publisher: The Open University of Sri Lanka.
2. Balasooriya, AHK(2005),National Biotechnology/Bio-safety Resource Database, National Biotechnology of Biotechnology of Sri Lanka: Survey and analysis : National Bio-safety Framework development project , Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Sri Lanka. Pp. 3-4.

1. Balasooriya, AHK (2004), Internet History, Computer Awareness Program Guidebook, Publisher: The Open University of Sri Lanka.