Visits to Nan in Mumbles

by Julie Meredith

William & Flo Deakin, my grandparents

When staying with my Nan, Flo, in Gower Place Mumbles during the 1960s, I was often sent to the shop to buy my Uncle's cigarettes - Senior Service with no filter, which came in packs of 5, 10 or 20, from Billy’s newsagents and sweet shop on the corner. A fantastic place full of American comic books. Then on Friday or Saturday nights we’d go to Johnnie's fish and chip shop for fish and chips or pie and chips (with amazing yellow pastry) or rissole and chips.

Most evenings, we’d take a walk to the front and sometimes down to the pier, calling in at the Canopic to get some tasty treats from the kitchen from “Aunty” Mary. At high tide we’d jump off the sea wall and swim. On sunny days the children would walk to Rotherslade or Langland armed with crisp sandwiches and a bag of stale from the local bakery.

Near the end of August we’d go blackberrying and my Nan, Mum and Aunts would make the most amazing fruit pies.

On Sunday mornings, my Uncle would always made breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, lava bread cockles and fried bread...Yumm!

We used to disappear and explore all over the Mumbles Hill, walk the cliff path, or climb the cliffs (I always got stuck), go crabbing (never caught a thing) and have the best time ever.

I think I was lucky to experience this freedom and carefree lifestyle.


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