Now & Then: Mumbles Conservative Club

Now & Then Mumbles Conservative Club and the Ship & Castle Hotel By John & Carol Powell

Alterations are taking place at the building which was, until recently, occupied by Mumbles Conservative Club

16 December 2014

4 November 2014

7 October 2014

Now the roof is off and work is taking place at the rear

8 September 2014

Work is in progress

20 January 2011

MCC is For Sale


Before it became MCC, the latterly infamous Ship & Castle Hotel is pictured on the right.

Thomas Webborn who worked for The Oystermouth Urban District Council is walking near the Mumbles Railway lines.

Very faint, in the background is seen the bridge over the railway near Southend Station.

Many of our archive of photos were taken from this bridge.

More photos to be added

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