Celebrating 100 Years of the Vivian Hall Blackpill

Celebrating 100 Years

100 Years of the Vivian Hall at Blackpill

Since 1918, the Vivian Hall on Mumbles Road in Blackpill has been the focus of the social life for Blackpill and the surrounding areas. Celebrating its Centenary this year, the Hall has weathered many ups and downs over the decades and has survived the great social changes and physical challenges imposed upon it.

The Hall, which is a registered charity, self-financing and managed by voluntary trustees, is the social centre for Blackpill village, and for people living in the Mayals and lower Derwen Fawr.

Built on land adjacent to the village school and forming part of the Clyne Estate, it was a gift to the people of Blackpill by Miss Dulcie Vivian, Clyne Castle’s hereditary owner. Originally named the Blackpill Village Institute it wasn’t until 1947 that it was renamed the Vivian Hall, with the then owner of the Clyne Estate, Admiral Algernon Walker-Heneage-Vivian becoming its President.

There have been a number of occasions when the Hall could have closed down. Following the death of the Admiral in 1952 the Hall was put up for sale along with the Clyne Estate but was withdrawn at the last minute. Bankruptcy faced it in 1973 after a long period of disrepair with consequent loss of users of the Hall. This was avoided mainly because of the largely cost-free work done by Government-aided schemes. Fire damage caused by vandalism in 1979 did cause the Hall to close for a while but once again it survived and since 1982 has steadily picked up to become the community success it is today.

Around 15 groups and clubs regularly use the Vivian Hall, ranging from Tae Kwondo to Scrabble, and Local History to Bridge and Line Dancing. Many more organisations have used the Hall in past years and it is remembered as a venue for Saturday evening dances, vibrant badminton clubs and youth organisations.


This year, 2018, marks the Centenary of the building of the Vivian Hall on Mumbles Road, Blackpill.

To celebrate our 100 years the Hall is organising a number of special events over the year with the Centenary Centrepiece taking place on Saturday 9th June when it is planned to have an afternoon of art, dance and musical performance in the Hall.

Details of events can be found on our website www.vivianhall.org

and from Kate Craven on 523930, Bob Cuthill on 208907, & Eileen Neilsen on 520685.