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In the interest of producing the best Intimate photos, there needs to be teamwork.  At a minimum, that team consists of three people:  You, the client.  Amanda Hickok, and Doug Hickok, as the photographers.  You're welcome to bring friends if you'd like, and there is the option of hiring a beautician if you feel one is required.

Your part is to provide ideas and feedback.  We're all interested in producing exactly what you want.  We like to plan out sessions as early as possible, so we have time to obtain props or other needed items.  We like to bounce ideas around and improve them as much as we can.  Lastly, show up on time as prepared as you can be.

We, the photographers, will do everything we can to bring all those ideas into reality.  We'll keep you comfortable and deal with any issues that come up.  We realize time is precious, so we'll be as quick as we can without compromising quality.

We (Amanda and Doug) are a husband and wife team.  They say opposites attract, and that's exactly what we are.  But we both share a desire to make women (and men) feel more confident and sexy through our work.


The owner of the company, Amanda, loves taking the photos.  She will primarily be working with you in the planning stages, shooting, and delivery.  Through a decade of volunteer work at a charitable events, she's pretty skilled at dressing others up in sexy ways.  Whether you want 1800's vintage, 1950's pinup's, or modern sexy, she can do it all.  She re-designed our photo studio's bedroom with both modern and vintage elements for a lot of flexibility.  Not only can she set the scene, but she's quite skilled at posing you just right.


You'll find that Doug encourages a "less is more" approach, using lighting to hide or accentuate certain things.  Doug has the technical knowledge to effectively use the lights and set the scenes with a large variety of photographic styles.  He often deals with the prep work and technical side of things during the session which speeds things up.  Currently Doug does a majority of the background post-production, from editing to creating books.

We understand that women may have some concerns with a guy being present.  Each of us have done gigs solo, but the quality and outcome is very different in those scenarios.  We're most comfortable, and create by far the best results, as a team.  Working together, we keep an ideal balance for photos that appeal to everyone, both guys and girls.