We strive to be the best at protecting your privacy when dealing with intimate photos. Not only is our process better, we're the only photographer who assigns full rights to you when the session is finished, and our copies get deleted. It's nearly impossible for your photos to end up on the Internet or anywhere else unless YOU decide to put them there.

Please read the details of how we protect your privacy here.  We fully believe we have the "best privacy policy in the industry", but you're welcome to judge for yourself.

Pricing and Categories

Feel free to shop around, but you'll probably find us to be the best deal.

Boudoir  --  A French word for "bedroom", these photo sessions are designed to make you look sexy!  If you're looking for a great Valentines, Anniversary, or Birthday gift for your lover, this is perfect.  Especially if you're feeling a little naughty or frisky!

Cost is $250, photo book is a little extra.  (Prints and/or photo books are all done in-house to protect your privacy.)

Other  --  If you're interested in other pictures, like couples photos or single photos for a profile, and they involve some level of nudity, this is you're package.

Cost:  Choose your package just like for Portraits, but add $25 for the Copyright Assignment and CD.