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I know that a lot of real estate agents use either their smartphone or a small camera to create photos for their listings.  Maybe they don't know what a professional can do?  Let me show you...

These photos were taken in a small cabin.

With a smartphone, I stood in front of the futon couch and took a photo as wide as I could towards the kitchen.
Notice how small it looks, and the bright wall and dark shadows.

What futon couch?  Well, you see it in the professional image.  You can see just about everything in the room, and the lighting is nicely balanced -- no dark shadows, and no bright windows.

How about a small bedroom?  Here's the smartphone shot, as wide as I could get.  The mixed lighting (window and overhead light) confused the phone, so the color went a little off.

Here's the professional image, standing in exactly the same spot.

How about a tiny bathroom in this small cabin?  There's no way you can see everything in one photo, right?  Sure you can!