My Prayer for Health and Healing |

Holy One,

Loving Creator and Sustainer of all that is,

  Source and Ground of the Sacred in all things,


We come to you in thanksgiving and celebration

  of the interconnected whole of which we are a part,

and the wholesomeness we have tasted in the communion 

    of our hearts, in relationship, family, community, and nature.


Having tasted also the bitterness

  of inner turmoil, physical illness, relational conflict,

  social injustice, ecological pollution, and war,

We come to you seeking healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit,

   healing of heart, relationship, family, community, and nature.


Relieve us of our illusions.

Help us to recognize whatever may be our contribution, however obscure,

  to the disease, the division, and the chaos-- and to repent.

Allay our pride and fear, and help us seek help from the resources all around us.

Comfort us in our inevitable, necessary, and wholesome grief.


Heal us, we pray. Turn vinegar into wine.

Grant us recovery, reconnection, restoration, resurrection, and joy.

Make us whole and hale, whatever the limitations that may remain.


Help us to be agents of your comfort and care,

  Wounded Healers, offering your healing and wholeness.


Hallow our common lives and our life in common.

And make us Holy as, indeed, you are Holy.


Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who was a Wounded Healer,

And the Holy Spirit, who is our breath.




Rev. Andrew H. Gee, Pastoral Counselor

© 7/21/2012  Andrew H. Gee - All rights reserved

(You may use and distribute this prayer with attribution and reference to my web site.)

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