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 I  am available to work with folks who are struggling with:
  •  Personal/emotional distress such as grief, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, panic, phobia, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, sexual concerns, etc. 
  • Reactions to stressful life events such as separation; divorce; bereavement; conflicted or broken relationships; job conflict or loss; business conflict, failure, or success; serious illness or injury; physical, emotional, religious, or sexual trauma; etc. 
  • Responses to natural life transitions such as marriage, birth of a child, child's passage through adolescence, launching of children into independent adulthood, empty nest, retirement, aging, death of a partner, etc. 
  • A desire for personal, emotional, relational, vocational, spiritual healing, understanding, and growth.
When desired, requested, and appropriate, I am interested in supporting the developing individual's exploration of dimensions of spiritual, artistic, and creative concern and growth using literary, artistic, musical, and theological insights, understandings, and resources.

I offer Pastoral Counseling / Psychotherapy / Marriage and Family Therapy with Individuals, Couples, and Families, and . . .
  • Supervision / Consultation concerning Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Care, Pastoral Counseling
  • Supervision / Consultation with mental health professionals in the integration of spirituality / theology / religious faith with psychotherapeutic practice
  • Supervision of candidates for certification in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors
  • Supervision of candidates for licensure for Professional Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work
  • Consultation with prospective applicants for certification in my professional organizations
  • Consultation with family business organizations, other business organizations, and with church/religious organizations
  • Brief phone consultations with clergy.

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