Andrew H. Gee, MEd, MDiv, LMFT
Pastoral Counselor / Psychotherapist
Individual - Couples - Family
Supervision - Consultation
Atlanta | Buckhead | Dalton
Phone: 770-425-7500

 I am a Pastoral Counselor / Psychotherapist and a Marriage and Family Therapist, providing individual, couples, and family counseling and therapy. I have graduate education, clinical training, and 25+ years of professional experience in counseling and ministry. I enjoy being with people as they are, and where they are, in their lives and walking supportively with them as they seek to heal and grow.

Although people can get something for themselves from brief therapeutic encounters (and I am glad to be supportive in this way), deeper healing and growth take time, regularity, and focused attention. I prefer to work with people weekly or bi-weekly, on a longer-term basis---as deeply and for as long as they may benefit.

The relationship between the therapist and the counselee is important to the experience of healing and growth and is important to me. To the best of my ability, I offer my respect and full attention to persons who seek my help. It is my practice to be fully present, respectfully and empathically attentive, and thoughtfully responsive. Simply put:
"I love being with people - listening, and seeking understanding of their concerns with them."

I am interested in spiritual concerns but do not try to impose religious beliefs or practices on anyone. I am aware that people may well have had negative experience with religion and I am as willing to work with the negative experience as with the positive. I am open to and interested in whatever religious/spiritual experience people might bring and  do not consider myself limited to working with people of Christian faith. In fact, I prefer the variety.

As a musician myself, I enjoy working with people who are struggling with concerns related to artistic expression and creativity.

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