The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) was founded in the United States of America in 1922 to fight against discrimination, bigotry, hatred and to promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.

AHEPA Automotive District 10 finds inspiration in the organization's roots and great legacy during the last 100 years. To proliferate this great legacy, they offer this gift to the University of Michigan for the benefit of students of Modern Greek language, history, and culture, so they may read, write, study, travel, and learn to be citizens of the world.


The Gift will be used to establish the AHEPA Automotive District 10 Fund (“Fund”). The Fund, including any additions to it from the Donor or others, will be used by the Department of Classical Studies for the direct and explicit benefit of students to promote the cultural and educational development of the students of Modern Greek language, history, and culture through activities including, but not limited to: study, travel, research, internships, reading and translation, as determined by the faculty in the Modern Greek Program.

The Fund constitutes a gift for endowment and distributions from it shall be made in accordance with the University’s then existing endowment distribution policy. If there are surplus distributions at the end of any period, the University may, in its discretion, hold them to be spent later for the above purposes or add them to the principal of the Fund for investment.

The Dean of the College is responsible for ensuring that each Fund is used for its intended purpose.

Donors List

Inspirational Circles


AHEPA District 10 Lodge

Leadership Circles

AHEPA Chapter 195

AHEPA Chapter 371 OMEGA

Sam Roumanis

Drs. Anthony & Joyce Kales

Dr. Costas Kleanthous

Costas Boutsikakis

Socrates D. Papageorgiou

Dr. Michael Kasotakis

George Gazepis


George Horiates

Lou Kircos

AHEPA Chapter 371 OMEGA

AHEPA H&E Ford #374

Timothy Dickinson

Dr. Petros Grivas


Savas Tsivicos

John Costa (Flint 141)

George Mortis


AHEPA District 10 Educational Foundation


Loretta Freeman

James Stasios

Donors Levels

Inspirational Circles Greater than $2000

Leadership Circles ($1000 - 1,999)

Patrons ($500 - $999)

Associates ($250 - $499)

Advocates ($100 - $249)

Friends (up to $50)