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Let us all congratulate the 2020 AHEPA District 10 scholarship recipients !

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AHEPA District #10 does it again !

Thursday July 16, 2020

AHEPA District 10 delivered it's eighth truckload of milk to the Flint, MI community. AHEPANs led by Craig Theros, gave away food and water, along with the AHEPA donated 1944 gallons of milk, to the innocent victims of the "Flint Water Crisis". Through the eight giveaways, the AHEPA has now given away a total of 15,552 gallons of milk. We are proud of all of the AHEPA Family volunteers that gave their time and braved Covid-19 and the constant downpour of rain to again help those in need!

Thank you to our generous Donors!

A big thank you to the volunteer team (Brothers & Sisters) 
that helped distribute the milk to the FLINT, Michigan people
on June 13th and September 26 2019

Thank you to our generous Donors!

A big thank you to the volunteer team (Brothers & Sisters) 
that helped distribute the milk to the FLINT, Michigan people
on June 5th, 2018.

Important News

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in NY
design by  Santiago Calatrava (Video)

Congratulations to the entire District#10
voted District of the year for 2017!

  • Congratulations to the District award recipients for the 2019-2020 period
    • AHEPAN of the Year: Chris Kontos, Henry & Edsel Ford Chapter #374
    • AHEPA Chapter of the Year: Aegean Chapter #506

                  Over $750,000 in scholarships awarded to 729 students (1976-2020)

2020-2021 District 10 Lodge 

Dimitris Papageorgiou (D Governor, PDG), 
Dr. Evans Farres (Lieutenant Governor, PDG), 
Dr. Rev. Gregory Zotos (D. Secretary), 
Dimitris Roumanis (D. Treasurer)
Theodore Alexander (D. Marshal)
Harilaos Vouharas (D. Warden)
Dimitris Alexander (D. Athletic Director)
Since its inception in 1922, the Order of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association ) has been a shining beacon for Hellenism. Along with its partner organizations, the Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles (the junior order of AHEPA) and Maids of Athena (the junior order of the Daughters of Penelope), it has been a vehicle for promoting our culture, preserving our heritage and reaching back into our communities for the betterment of our fellow man.  
AHEPA District 10, also known as the Automotive District, spans the entire State of Michigan. Founded in the mid 1920s, Alpha # 40 was the pioneering Chapter. Since that time, District 10 has grown to 9 AHEPA Chapters, 8 DOP Chapters with a cumulative membership totaling over 1000 members. 
The Chapters within District 10 are active and passionate about our organization. In addition to supporting and promoting Hellenism, our District 10 Chapters regularly engage in philanthropic activities including 2 remarkably successful housing projects. 

Furthermore, there is a magnificent camaraderie in District 10 between the AHEPANs and the Daughters of Penelope. Perhaps the best example of synergy between the two organizations can be found in the District 10 Educational Foundation. Established in 1975 with a collaborative team of AHEPANs and Daughters, the Educational Foundation has provided deserving youth with the opportunity to pursue higher learning through scholarships. To date, over $600,000 have been awarded to 600 students.

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