Henry Hudson's History

                                                        Henry Hudson                                                                                   
Henry Hudson was the first to discover the Hudson River. He was born in 1665 or 1670 (some sites say 1665 others say 1670) Henry Hudson was an English explorer who tried to find a western route to Asia. (Like Christopher Colombus tried to do). He reached Greenland and Spitzbergen before his path was blocked by ice. Still convinced that there might be a separate passage to the northeast, the merchants of the Dutch East India Company hired Hudson in 1609 to lead an expedition on the ship Halve Maen (it means Half Moon In English). Hudson had other ideas, and sailed in the other direction, across the Atlantic Ocean to North America. He made it as far as Hudson's Bay before mutineers put him and eight others (including his son) adrift on a small boat in the bay in June of 1611, (He died then).
                                                                                                                A Basic Time line Of

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1607 Selected to command an expedition
1608 Hudson was ready for a second expedition
1608, April Henry set sail on the Hopewell
1608, August Landed at Gravesend, England

Signed a contract with Dutch United East-India Trading Company

1609, On voyage

Traded with indians in America

1610 Not much happend this year
1611 Henry Hudson died after mutiny against him