When Trish Graham was working in Ghana as a volunteer in development doing micro-finance
she realized that she could be much more effective starting a business creating markets 
for the locally produced recycled glass and brass beads. It was a wonderful product, but the styles made were not attractive to overseas markets. Since 1997 she has built up a hobby into a profitable business.

We work directly with a number of different bead makers, developing new styles, colors and designs for over 13 years. Working directly with local bead makers, we have changed the whole face of the local beads.

Originally, the translucent beads were available in only about four solid colors and two sizes. Through working together, we developed new beads by mixing colored glass creating a whole new range. Through this, and by also developing new shapes, a local traditional handicraft that was just struggling along, has developed into a lively, creative industry. We can’t take credit for all of this, but can say that Ahene pa Nkasa has played a pivotal role in the changes.

We know you will love the results, take a look at the designs and let us know what you think. And thanks for your support for a traditional craft.

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