Predicting & Preparing for the Future of Higher Ed

 First:  A word about Power Pointless!  My colleagues and I at the University of Illinois Springfield Center for Online Learning, Research and Service present often at academic conferences.  We encourage attendees to freely share presentation materials online using web-native tools that encourage collaboration and updating. You may follow the session using your personal mobile device to dig deeper into the topics we discuss and share with others following the conference:

Steps to Predicting the Future

Understand the Economy
Understand the Technology

Track the Trends

MOOCs, Competition, Modules, Competency

Test the Trends against the technology and economy

The Job Market for Today's Graduates

Heidi Shierholz, Economic Policy Institute
The Class of 2014

A near-term vision as seen through the glass darkly... 

Massive - maybe, but blended with helping hubs

Affordable - actually

Competition - certainly

Data - definitely

Modularized - mostly

Competency - coming

Modularization in Online Competency-Based Learning

Michelle R. Weise, co-author

How can I keep up on the latest news and research?

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On to the future.......
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