About Us  

The Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education was the first in Taiwan to offer a program of advanced study concentrated in the humanities and arts offering a curriculum focused on creative arts education. It develops human resources for educational and non-educational institutions with an aim to extend the influence of arts education into the wider community.

Teaching Goals  

  1. Art educators’s training 
  2. Provide learning approach for educators 
  3. Stimulate creative diversity and ability of innovative practice 
  4. Interpretation and Criticism 
  5. Globalization and localization 
  6. Communication and cooperation mechanism


Future Agenda  

Short-term goal
Combination of international and local academic resources for the development of the arts and humanities teaching and research personnel training institutions. 

Medium-term goal

Combined with arts, cultural and educational institutions, academic institutions and administrative bodies 
Long-term goals

Become a arts and humanities research center.

Holds national and international seminars regularly, publishing books related journals. In an organized way to participate in international exchanges.

Faculty & Staff  

Shaw-ren Lin

Associate Professor

Ph.D., National Chengchi University

Educational Evaluation, Secondary Education, Career counseling

Shen-Shen Wu

Associate Professor

Ph.D.,National Taiwan Normal University

Psychology, Education and counseling, Gender issues,  General Education, Narrative learning, Adult Learning

Shu-Hua Jung

Assistant Professor

Ph.D,University of Exeter

Modern Drama, Theatre Space Aesthetics, Theatre Administration, Theatre in Education

Hsin-Yen Yu

Assistant Professor

Ed.D, Columbia University

Music Education, Art Education, Arts Administration, Art industry analysis

Dai-Rong Wu

Assistant Professor

Ph D, Pennsylvania State University

Visual Arts Education, Museum Studies, Ferminist Visual Culture, and Feminist Pedagogy

Visual Arts Education, Museum Studies, Feminist Visual
Culture, and Feminist Pedagogy

Course Descriptions  

Rich in art education resources
School facilities with great international standards of the hardware, software, known as outstanding achievements.

Outstanding art teaching team 
Faculty team includes music, drama, dance, art, cultural resources group five universities, the study group's own sound system and environment, teaching equipment, can provide students with adequate knowledge and resources.

Dialogue between Arts and Humanities
We value the artistic creativity and to inspire students to greater understanding.


Office (R514)

Studio (R419)


Classroom (R216)