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Andy Harrison
42 East Grand Ave, Unit H4
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064
(207) 233-7747
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Multi-platform Systems Engineer with over 10 years of on the job and field experience. Highly skilled in the planning, implementation, and long term maintenance of all ISP core services, DNS, DHCP, (ISC, Join, Cisco Network Registrar), MTA's (qmail, postfix, sendmail, Netscape Messaging Server, Post.Office), NNTP (Typhoon and Twister news server, Cyclone news router), database engines (PostreSQL, MySQL, Sybase), WWW (Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server), LDAP (OpenLDAP 2.2 and 2.3 as well as Netscape Directory Server), authentication services (RADIUS, TACACS, NIS) and even file servers (samba, nfs).


Systems Engineer (II), Great Works Internet, Biddeford, ME February 2002 - October 2005
Senior Systems Engineer handling all levels of Systems Administration and Systems Engineering. Personally maintained all multi-platform server functions for all the core ISP services primarily using the FreeBSD and BSDi (BSD/OS) operating systems. Implemented and maintained various company-wide applications for functions such as ticket tracking, documentation/knowledge management, as well as groupware and scheduling.

Systems Administrator, Road Runner, Portland, ME July 1997 - January 2002
Performed all levels of system administration. Responsible for the maintenance and operation of 70+ mission critical servers using various operating systems, primarily Solaris, as well as Linux and BSDi.

Desktop Support Specialist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine, South Portland, ME January 1994 - July 1997
Provided 2nd level support for desktop applications, hardware troubleshooting, and networking (Novell). In charge of all new PC builds and deployments, desktop standardization, and inventory tracking. Participated in Novell administrative functions, login management, and security. Also managed a frequent stream of SMTC student interns to assist with workload.


Operating Systems
Approximately five years of experience supporting all core services and applications on Solaris 2.5.1 through 8. Performed functions ranging from tuning of servers to building a jumpstart server to help build and implement new servers quickly and efficiently. Being able to build a custom jumpstart server is also invaluable in being able to automatically install custom packages routinely needed on new servers and whatever custom packages personally built.
Two years of experience with the FreeBSD operating system, achieving a very high level of proficiency. Able to quickly and efficiently build and implement new production servers using FreeBSD while using numerous available resources and applications to keep them running smoothly and safely. Also utilize the tools available in FreeBSD to upgrade applications with minimal downtime and ensure no long-term outages caused by such significant changes.
Lengthy experience with Linux. Previously used Red Hat Linux for personal computing on my desktops and laptops alike for five+ years including running my own web and mail services on that platform. Also used Linux extensively in a production environment for two high volume dns servers (1800+ domains), office email, commercial subscriber virtual email, and a tool scripts server housing services such as database servers and network monitoring applications.
High level of security consciousness. Very experienced in locking down and protecting servers, closing down potential vulnerabilities, as well as keeping up with patch levels required to maintain a secure environment. When building new servers, the installation of protective measures is top priority and no unnecessary services are left open. In over seven years, my production servers have never been hacked. Indoctrinated into the world of security when my personal server was broken into in 1997 and became determined not to have a repeat offense.
Very familiar with Sun hardware. Experienced with U1's, U2's, E250/450, E220/420, Netra T1's (1125, AC200, 105) and also worked with A1000 storage arrays. Basic functions such as RAM, CPU, and disk installation were commonplace. Used Raid Manager often and also became familiar with the Veritas foundation suite. Able to configure high performance, fault tolerant file systems. Limited experience on anything higher than an E4500 and haven't yet had the opportunity to touch an E10000 or E15000 caliber servers.

Experienced with Cisco routers and configurations. Performed troubleshooting of issues on Cisco gear such as uBR 7246's, Catalyst 5500 and 6500 series switches, 12000 series GSR's, and 7500 series routers. Able to maneuver Cisco IOS easily, identifying interfaces, determining their status, and identify possible trouble spots. Experienced in using MRTG to help graph various elements of the routers to make troubleshooting easier as well as allowing trending and statistics.
Scripting / Programming
Very advanced in shell scripting. Wrote detailed shell scripts to perform a variety of functions from keeping track of static ip address assignments to creating configuration files. Used sed, awk, egrep, and many of the other unix command line tools available in my shell scripts. Fairly proficient with regular expressions and use them each day.

Progressing towards more advanced Perl programming. Graduated to Perl from shell scripts after finding it to be a much more robust, infinitely faster, and highly structured. Used Perl to create sql driven web tools that use PostgreSQL, MySQL and Sybase, which also interact with services on multiple servers. Also have experience using SNMP in my Perl scripts for various tasks such as reading variables from devices and simple things such as resetting cable modems.
Exceptionally familiar with the Request Tracker (RT) ticketing software. Was first tasked at GWI to upgrade their installation of RT (then 87 versions behind) and have been going strong with it ever since. Learned to create custom Perl-based mason pages for accessing RT and heavily customized RT for GWI's needs. Contribute to the RT Wiki and participate in online support communities for RT. The original author and Best Practical company owner, Jesse Vincent, gave me administrative access to maintain the RT Wiki (a frequent target of wiki spammers) and included me in a private online discussion and proofing forum of the recently release O'Reilly publication "RT Essentials" for which I am listed in the contributor credits.

Very experienced with network monitoring software. Used Big Brother for approximately three years for monitoring the Road Runner servers. Used Nagios extensively and have successfully combined my Perl skill in creating an extremely efficient monitoring application. Assisted heavily in the creation of a proprietary configuration manager for Nagios that included inventory management, network device auto discovery, and graphing/trending analysis. This needed to be developed to integrate with GWI's custom software used by all of their employees for customer and call management and therefore needed to use their custom Perl libraries. It was a very elaborate interface and was my first experience with genuine software design and development.