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professor of economics and international development studies

Haroon Akram-Lodhi teaches agrarian political economy. He is Professor of Economics and International Development Studies in the Department of International Development Studies at Trent University, Peterborough, Canada, where he is also a Fellow of Champlain College. Haroon Akram-Lodhi is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies and an Associate Editor of Feminist Economics. Haroon Akram-Lodhi is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Women's Rights Programme of the Open Society Foundations in New York City, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Feminist Economics, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development. Haroon Akram-Lodhi is a Professorial Research Associate in the Department of Economics at SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom; an Associated Research Professor of the Academic Unit in Development Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico; Adjunct Professor in International Development Studies in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada; Adjunct Member to the Graduate Program in Political Science at York University in Toronto, Canada; Adjunct Professor of Economics in the Master's in Development Practice program at the James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, USA; and a Visiting Scholar in that School's Institute for Developing Nations. He is a former fellow of Food First, the Institute for Food and Development Policy.

Trained as an economist, the focus of Haroon Akram-Lodhi's research interest is in the political economy of agrarian change in developing countries, on the economic dimensions of gender relations, and on the political ecology of sustainable rural livelihoods and communities in contemporary poor countries. This is reflected in the teaching he does, on global human inequality, on the future of smallholder peasant communities in the world food system, on the sustainability of rural social structures, relations and institutions, and on gender and economic policy. He currently acts as a Gender and Poverty Adviser to the United Nations Development Programme's Gender Team, working on gender-responsive economic policy in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. He also is a Poverty and Gender Analyst for the United Nations Environment Programme's Poverty - Environment Action and a Gender and Women's Empowerment Adviser to UN Women. Haroon Akram-Lodhi has lived, taught, and conducted research in numerous countries, published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, and has undertaken advisory services for a wide variety of multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental international development organizations.

In November 2017 Chris Webb of the Center for Critical Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough interviewed Haroon Akram-Lodhi on understanding food regimes and food sovereignty:

Haroon Akram-Lodhi's last book was Hungry for Change: Farmers, Food Justice and the Agrarian Question.

Hungry for Change

Nominated for the 2012/2013 Rik Davidson/Studies in Political Economy Book Prize for the best book in political economy by a Canadian, Hungry for Change explains how the creation, structure and operation of the world food system is marginalizing family farmers, small-scale peasant farmers and landless workers as it entrenches us all in a global subsistence crisis. Written to be accessible, and incorporating accounts from farmers themselves, Hungry for Change explains how building upon the concerns of food sovereignty can solve the current crisis.

Hungry for Change has been described by Raj Patel as a 'must-read for anyone who cares about understanding food and the planet today' and by Jim Stanford as an 'inspiring...introduction to what will surely be one of the defining social struggles of our time: the struggle over food'. Cristóbal Kay simply says: 'Read it!'

In 2015 Haroon Akram-Lodhi received Trent University's Distinguished Research Award.

In 2018 Haroon Akram-Lodhi received a Merit Award for Research from Trent University, which followed similar awards in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Follow Haroon Akram-Lodhi on Twitter: @AHAkram-Lodhi.

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