Ali Reza Hadjesfandiari, PhD.  

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering    
State University of New York at Buffalo 
Buffalo, NY 14260 USA 

New Discoveries in Physics:
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1. New Perspectives on the Classical Theory of Motion, Interaction and Geometry of Space-Time

2. Do we need two theories of relativity?

April 2011

You can download the paper entitled

 "Do we need two theories of relativity?"  from


Abstract: This article discusses the ambiguity created by dividing the theory of relativity into special and general branches. A systematic study of covariant electrodynamics reveals the relation between matter and Minkowskian space-time, and the governing non-Euclidean geometry. This in turn results in the completion of Poincare's theory of relativity by showing that motion of a particle is a four-dimensional rotation of its body frame and the interaction field is a four-dimensional vorticity field. Therefore, one can see that there is only one theory of relativity, which is fully covariant.


Comments: Theory of general relativity is an inconsistent theory, which has sabotaged theoretical physics for almost a century. This theory claims that mass bends the space-time without clarifying the fundamental meaning of space-time. My more complete covariant theory of relativity shows that every massive particle has its own space-time and "bent space-time" is meaningless. This theory unifies electromagnetic and gravitational fields as four-dimensional vortex fields.

It is seen that the theory of electrodynamics is the most important theory in physics, which its fundamental meaning has not been understood before.

I have discovered the fundamental geometry of covariant electrodynamics, which reveals the meaning of space-time, motion and interaction. Therefore, by understanding the new aspects of theory of electrodynamics, we understand the theory of everything. Nature has symmetry. Gravitational field must be like electromagnetic field as a vortex field.

It should be noticed that I have not added any equation to theory of electrodynamics. What I have done is discovering the fundamental geometrical meaning of Maxwell's equations and Lorentz force, which looks like a miracle. 

I hope the truth prevails. 

The fallacious theory of general relativity has been a big obstacle in a systematic development of modern physics during the last century.

December 2010
Theory of Electrodynamics and Geometry
of Space-Time with Important Consequences in Modern Physics
You can download the paper entitled
"New Perspectives on the Classical Theory of Motion, Interaction
 and Geometry of Space-Time"  from
Abstract: By examining the theory of relativity, as originally proposed by Lorentz, Poincare and Einstein, a fundamental theory of general motion is developed. From this, the relationship between space-time and matter is discovered. As a result, the geometrical theory of interaction is introduced. The corresponding geometrical theory of electrodynamics resolves the origin of electromagnetic interaction, as a vortex-like field, and clarifies some of the existing ambiguities.
Comments: This paper includes arguments that there is only one theory of relativity as proposed by Poincare.
The fundamental meaning of Lorentz transformation was finally explained.
The real relation between matter and space-time was discovered.
I have shown that:
Every massive particle specifies a space-time body frame in a universal entity, here referred to as ether.

Particle is a four-dimensional object.

Geometry of uniform and accelerating motion is non-Euclidean.

Space-time is relative and created by matter.

This is the origin of non-Euclidean geometry governing the three vectors and three tensors.

Theory of relative motion is a model for hyperbolic geometry.

Relative motion of particles is the result of relative rotation among their body frames.

Particles interact with each other through four-vorticity and four-stress that they create in the ether.

Fully symmetric Maxwell's equations is not allowed.

Electromagnetic field is a four-dimensional vortex field.

Magnetic field is a circular vorticity field.

Electric field is a hyperbolic vorticity field.

Magnetic monopole is an inconsistent concept.

Geometry governing electrodynamics is  non-Euclidean.

A Maxwellian theory of gravity is inevitable.

Therefore, Heaviside's theory of gravitomagnetism is the correct theory of gravity. 

In my recent investigations, I have been able to discover the fundamental geometrical meaning of Lorentz transformation and electromagnetic Lorentz force, which has important consequences in modern Physics.
It is seen that the theory of Electrodynamics is the most fundamental theory of physics  which explain geometry of space-time, motion and interaction. All aspects of theory of Electrodynamics as a model for other field theories have not been recognized before.  
Through discovering the relation between matter and space-time, I  have
demonstrated that there is only one theory of relativity, which explains geometry of space-time, motion and fundamental interaction as the result of vortex field. Therefore, one can conclude that dividing the theory of relativity into special and general theories is the result of poor understanding of Lorentz transformation and covariant electrdynamics.
Importantly, it is seen that the mechanisms behind gravitational and electrodynamic interactions are the same. This is nothing but the unification of fundamental forces based on the vortex theory of interaction. This is consistent with the fact that there is a symmetry in nature.
Therefore, the theory of general relativity cannot be a correct theory of gravity. General relativity actually creates new inconsistent problems instead of solving the problem of gravity. It is well known that when a theory is inconsistent, it creates new paradoxes.
Theory of general relativity has sabotaged a systematic development of physics.
Dirac Magnetic Monopole

magnetic monopole is an inconsistent concept

Geometrical theory of electrodynamics shows that the magnetic field is a

circular vorticity field. Since circular vorticity does not have any source, we

can conclude that magnetic monopoles do not exist.  


You can see this comment on Talk:Magnetic monopole in Wikipedia which was

 deleted right away by some opposition:


Interestingly, I explained the inconsistency of magnetic monopole three years

ago based on the potenial theory . You can see this in following:

February 2007
In 1931, Dirac predicted that the existence of one magnetic monopole in universe would explain the quantization of the electric charge. In his paper, he also derived the magnetic charge of this monopole.

While examining his work, I noticed that his derivation was incorrect, because he used a wrong vector potential A to represent the magnetic field of the stationary magnetic monopole. However, based on the Helmholtz decomposition theorem, a scalar potential should have been used. Interestingly, this result can be used to show that magnetic monopoles do not exist. Consequently, the magnetic field is only the result of moving electric charges.

Although there is a gauge freedom in potentials in the theory of
electrodynamics, the vector or scalar potential are not as arbitrary as Dirac thought.