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CIS (Computing & Technology at TC)

CIS is the main division of TC that deals with computing and technology issues.  Follow the links below to find out more about their services and how they can be accessed.

ClassWeb: ClassWeb is the currently the most used platform for handling course related functions like posting articles, facilitating online discussions, and sending emails to class participants at TC.  A faculty manual about how to use ClassWeb can to found here.  Questions about ClassWeb can be directed towards the ClassWeb support team.

Technical Support - CIS provides free technical support for physical technology (computers, projectors, etc.) and software housed at TC (email, ClassWeb, etc.). 

Academic Computing - Academic Computing handles the software licensing agreement for Teachers College and makes available software such as SPSS.

Technology for Classroom Use - The Media Services Division of CIS has resources for videoconferencing, classroom technology, and technical event support.

Google Apps - Teachers College is exploring the possibility of running many web services offered by the college (now housed under MyTC) using Google Apps.

ITunes U - Teachers College has joined Columbia and other top Universities in making available public lectures, conference presentations, and interviews with faculty through ITunes.

If you have any suggestions on how this site can be improved or questions about any of the above resources, 
please contact Michael Schapiramis2126@columbia.edu