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Who to Contact

Basic Structure of Resources in Arts & Humanities:

The Department Office:

Contact Us: (212) 678-3469
           Fax: (212) 678-3746

 Chair of the DepartmentMargaret Crocco  334 L Horace MannTel: 678-4082
Director of Academic AdministrationRavi Ahmad
 334M Horace Mann
Tel: 678-3799
Budget Assistant
Carla Hung
 334K Horace Mann

Tel: 678-3157
Department WebmasterChris Moffett 329D Horace Mann    
Department BlogLydia Kim 329D Horace Mann    

The Programs:

**Program Secretaries: 
It is absolutely imperative that you maintain a good relationship with your program secretary, as they will be able to resolve most of your problems quickly. 

Program Program Chair
Office Staff
Website Manager
Tech. Support Student Contacts
Applied Linguistics
James Purpura
Catherine Box (Pgm Assc)
Michael Vlahovic Michael Vlahovic Catherine Box
Art & Art Education
Judith Burton
Allegra Marino (Pgm Assc)
Chris Moffet
Peter Hillman Allegra Marino
Arts Administration
Joan Jeffri
Jessica Wilkinson (Admin Coordinator)
Vassiliki Giannopoulos
English & English Education
Sheridan Blau
Haleema Kaifi (Pgm Assc)
Chris Moffet
Noah Gordon Haleema Kaifi
History & Education
Cally Waite
Megan Snead (PT Sec)
Chris Moffett
Music & Music Education
Lori Custodero
Chris Moffett
Justine Dolorfino

Philosophy & Education
David Hansen
Megan Snead (PT Sec)
Brian Veprek
Michael Schapira

Social Studies
Margaret Crocco
Kate Sheehan (Sec)
Chris Moffett
Lydia Kim
TESOL James Purpura
Sarah Crieder (Pgm Assc)
Michael Vlahovic Michael Vlahovic Sarah Creider

If you have any suggestions on how this site can be improved or questions about any of the above resources, 
please contact Michael Schapiramis2126@columbia.edu