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Art Teacher at a Middle School

"I like this art site. The pictures are of good quality (rich colors in images) and it is definitely student friendly. I see this being useful with middle school and maybe upper elementary (4th-5th grade) students. There is a nice dialogue ("… as we look closer, can you find the face? Ah, but where are the eyes and mouth?...") and I like the "walk about" approach, which is inviting and helps provide the viewer with clear information.

6th grade has an Australia and Africa unit. I like to integrate my art lessons with these two units (these usually take place during the 1st quarter). I do Aboriginal art and African-influenced weavings with the 6th grade. I see in this website that there are links to Australian cave paintings and African art under the Prehistoric art section. This could definitely be a great addition and resource to our studies.

The layout is easy and clear to read."

Thank you for this resource.


Visual Traditions that Insistently Surround Us

Growth and Structure of Cities Program

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 B  R  Y  N     M  A  W  R

Katherine Bolman, Ed.D.

1434 Punahou St. #931

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Dear Professor Bolman,


I'm happy to write in support of your project to bring art images to secondary school students.


Digital media provide us with new opportunities to bring art and architecture images into a wide range of classrooms as never before, at much reduced logistical expense through collaborative efforts.  I applaud your initiative to advance this possibility specifically for secondary schoool students.


Although usually absent from most secondary school curricula, such images have a power to bring art, history, place, and period perspectives to life in a way unlike any other.   Your interest in beginnining with pre-history promises a kind of accessibility that is free of a need for literacy in historical visual traditions, and is an area that often finds fertile ground in the imaginations of young people whose minds easily travel to a time that is the antithesis of the one they know.


Later phases will introduce the rudiments of some of the visual traditions that insistently surround us through print, video, and digital media more than ever before.  Classrooom resources expressly directed to such visual riches will help bring learning beyond the classroom and into the whole of students' lives.


I have some experience with projects directed toward similar ends at the college and university levels.  I'm hopeful that the size of the potential audience of beneficiaries and economies of scale can make this affordable through grants and collaborative efforts to assure broad access to such pedagogical images. 





Jeffrey A. Cohen, Ph.D,

Senior Lecturer, Growth & Structure of Cities Program

Thomas Hall 153

Virtual walks through Caves and Hands- on Projects

Dear Katherine,


 I was just very impressed by your website and very excited for your desire to expose children to art and art history.

I am a Kindergarten teacher at Emmanuel Baptist Academy in Farmington, New Mexico. Our school has students in Kindergarten through 6th grade that could benefit from your program via the internet.  We provide them with weekly visits to the computer lab, and this would be a great opportunity for them and their teachers.

I am very excited about the opportunities the children will have with this program, virtual walks through caves, hands- on projects, listening to music, and much more. The step-by-step lesson plans that are provided make it easier for teachers to teach a subject if they feel they do not have enough background on the subject.

We offer a high level curriculum at our school and challenge our students to excel in all areas. I am sure that our students will be stimulated by this format and that it will fit in with the type of expectations the teachers already have for them.

I will be sharing this website with the teachers of the academy and looking forward to its success.

Bonnie Castro