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Wedding Make Up Hair

wedding make up hair
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wedding make up hair - 2 Item
2 Item Bundle: Little Adventures Cinderella Princess Dress Up Costume + Hair Bow - Girls Size 1-3T - Machine Washable!
2 Item Bundle: Little Adventures Cinderella Princess Dress Up Costume + Hair Bow - Girls Size 1-3T - Machine Washable!
2 item bundle includes dress and bow. A princess dress up made for the ball! The sky blue crushed velvet bodice of this Cinderella costume is adorned with beautiful silver trim, and the white sleeves and hip drapes give it the true Cinderella look. The bodice is stretchy to help accommodate most body sizes. This Cinderella dress is machine washable and made from high quality fabrics that are comfortable and not itchy. This Cinderella dress is 27 inches, so be sure to measure your child from shoulder to ankle to ensure fit. Great for trips to any Disney theme park, birthday parties, or just for fun dress up play! This Cinderella costume comes with an exclusive, brand hair bow! Color of hair bows may vary based on availability.

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Traditional Contemporer Wedding
Traditional Contemporer Wedding
One of the creation in wedding make up and hair do which combine both traditional aspect of Indonesian Wedding with modern make up and outfit. And it's called The Jogja Paes Ageng Wedding Modification.
Paul and Laura's wedding from this friday. Laura was so relax and nice that it was great to take picture of her.

wedding make up hair