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Cheap Makeup Stores

cheap makeup stores
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A Frugal Girl's Makeup Case
A Frugal Girl's Makeup Case
As my beauty collection grows, I've been trying to find a decent case to hold everything. Unfortunately, it was either shell out $30 or more for a professional case or revert to my teenage years with a bright, plastic Caboodles case that would probably last me 3 months. No, thanks. I headed to Ross and found this cute little case for $3.99 and bought a zip-up makeup brush case for another $3.99. I headed to the Dollar Store to find the plastic blue organizers and after wiping everything down with a swab of rubbing alcohol - it was ready to go! Grand total: A whopping $10.00
here's what's inside...
here's what's inside...
erm, these are NOT all of my cosmetics. these are ONLY the lipbalms/lipglosses. :P my only criteria for lipbalms/lipglosses: they must taste NICE. and i mean it. i hate icky-tasting ones which make me wanna gag. i have cola-flavoured, coffee-flavoured, root beer-flavoured, chocolate-flavoured, cakes-flavoured stuff. :P most stuff here are drug-store brands from USA. cheap & they taste yummy! :)

cheap makeup stores