2018 Symposium


IAMSCU Research University Symposium

"Reconciliation and Human Rights"

March 10, 2018
International conflict combined with the recent rise of nationalism and populism present new challenges to peace, reconciliation, and human rights. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein recently condemned the rise of nationalism and populism, saying the international human rights framework put in place after World War II, "is under immense stress" from authoritarian leaders and terrorist groups, but also from populist politicians. He derided an increasingly popular school of thought in the western world that suggests human rights efforts have been ineffective and should therefore be tossed aside. In a world where authoritarianism, populism and nationalism are in ascendency, what happens to reconciliation and human rights? This is an especially critical and timely issue for the Asia-Pacific region. We welcome students and scholars, members of IAMSCU and APAMEI related institutions as well as members of the public to attend. The symposium is free of charge and open to the public.

Keynote: “Nationalism and Reconciliation”

Dr. Thomas Berger, Professor of International Relations, Boston University, Pardee School of Global Studies. He has written regarding nationalism and reconciliation in East Asia, and is the author of War, Guilt and World Politics After World War II,  Cultures of Antimilitarism: National Security in Germany and Japan and is co-editor of Japan in International Politics.  

Panel Discussion featuring

Dr. Florita Miranda, President, Wesleyan College of Manila 

Dr. Young Min Paik, Professor, Yonsei Graduate School of Theology & MGEFLD-Asia Director

Dr. Takashi Oshimura, Vice-President, Aoyama Gakuin University & Professor of International Politics & Economics

Researchers from IAMSCU related institutions are invited to present research papers related to "Reconciliation and Human Rights" during the morning session.

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Website:  http://goo.gl/24Gl20

This Symposium series started in 2015 as a cooperation between Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU)  and the International Association of Methodist Schools Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU). The theme of the first symposium in 2015 was Reconciliation and Human Rights, and the 2016 symposium focused on Servant Leadership in Higher Education. For our third symposium we are also cooperating with the APAMEI (Asian Pacific Association of Methodist Educational Institutions) and returning to the theme of Reconciliation and Human Rights