AGU Statement

Welcome to AGU’s member-generated initiative, “Climate Q&A Service.”

AGU’s goals in supporting this innovative media relations effort are to:
  • Increase scientific support for journalists seeking to communicate climate science.
  • Contribute to raising the overall level of understanding of climate science among journalists and the general public.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among scientists who wish to support journalists.
As you participate in this project we ask that you:
  • Respect AGU’s policy of providing scientific information but not commentary or recommendations regarding policy.
  • Represent the scientific research results shared as those of the contributing scientists and not as official positions or statements of AGU.
AGU also encourages all participating scientists to be aware of any guidelines for working with the media issued by your agency or institution.

Whether you are a journalist, participating scientist, or member of the support team, AGU thanks you for your commitment of time, energy, and talent to improved understanding of climate science!