s60 python development

by Raul Aguaviva

How to use your nokia phone as a spy cam 

From your computer, and over bluetooth, you can tell your phone to take a picture and send it to you!

In order to get this working just the "sync and run" and then run these two commands

control.py -x "import camera;im = camera.take_photo();im.save('c:\\pic.jpg')"
control.py -g 'c:\\pic.jpg' mypic.jpg

Full screen dot matrix scroller 

 Get the script in the files section and have fun!



 Easy sync & run 


It's a pain to download run and debug python scripts in the phone, so here I present a simple solution so developing becomes fun again!

Software you'll need:

 Once you have installed the above things, run (respecting the order)

  • install the tcs60fs sis on your phone
  • extract tcp_serial_redirect.py from pyserial-2.2.zip and run it with the following params and leave it running!
    • c:/>tcp_serial_redirect.py -p com5 -b 115200    
      • (note: substitute com5 with your bt virtual port)
  • run tcs60fs on your phone and connect to the computer 
    • note: don't forget to run first the tcp_serial_redirect.py

Using control.py:

  • PUT files to the phone:
    • usage: control.py -p <localfile_with_path> <phone_path_with_filename>
    • example: control.py -p c:/my_prog.py   c:/test.py
  • GET files to the phone:
    • usage: control.py -g <localfile_with_path> <phone_path_with_filename>
    • example: control.py -g 'c:/my_prog.py'   c:/test.py
  •  EXEC files on the phone:
    • usage: control.py -xf <phone_path_with_executable_filename>
    • example: c:/>control.py -xf c:/test.py 
  • EVAL commands on the phone
    • usage: control.py -x "<command> "
    • example:  c:/>control.py -x "print 'hellow world'\n"

Final words 

That's all! now you should be able to upload files and run programs on your phone from you pc.

If you found this useful please drop me a line ;-)