Amazing Grace and Maritime Leadership has been featured in a number of articles, videos and newspapers over the years. Below is a list of some of the best.
  1. Make A Wish Foundation sail with pirate Wade. To view the article click here.
  2. Union Tribune TV featured a short clip of Amazing Grace. To view the video, click here. To view more pictures taken by the Union Tribune, click here.
  3. San Diego Union Tribune newspaper article promoting the San Diego Maritime Museums annual Festival of Sail. To view the article click here.
  4. 10 news video promoting the San Diego Festival of Sail. Click here to view the video. Amazing Grace is featured in the beginning and once again later in the video. 
  5. NBC news article during the 2011 tall ship festival season. Click here to view the article.
  6. The LA Beat photo of the week featuring Amazing Grace and the worlds largest rubber duck. Click here to check out the picture.
  7. Tall Ships America advertisement featuring Amazing Grace. Click here to see the ad. 
  8. Amazing Grace in the Daily Breeze for Marina Del Rey's 50th Birthday Bash. Click here to see the article.