Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to support or partner with Maritime Leadership. We would be pleased to answer questions or provide additional information at your request.

Donate to Maritime Leadership:

Maritime Leadership is a registered non profit corporation with 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status.

Work along side us: Vessels require specialized attention and Maritime Leadership welcomes the gift of your time. Even if you have no experience working on boats, we would love to put you to work cleaning or teach you how to refinish wood or polish brass. In addition, we are often in need of people with skills such as mechanical, electrical or woodworking. In helping along side our crew you have the opportunity of becoming part of the Maritime Leadership family.
Join our crew: We are always looking for potential new crew members. If you are interested in learning to sail our vessels then email

Charter Amazing Grace: Visit the website and consider organizing a three or four hour trip for a family gathering or business group.
Discounted prices are offered to non-profit groups:
There is a minimum of 20 people require​d or a maximum of 25 people.
3 hour sail- $50 per person
6 hour day sail- $89 per person, morning and afternoon sailing and anchoring for lunch provided by us.
2 day sail- $200 per person includes food, water activities and sail training. 15 - 17 people
We are happy to talk to you about other types of sailing trips that you may want.
Dockside Vacation: Rent Amazing Grace for a vacation on this exquisite tall ship in the heart of beautiful San Diego. Please contact us for pricing and details. 

One time cash gift or monthly support: Gifts can go to the general fund or be designated for Scholarships for sailing trips or toward a specific project.

Donated property: Vessels and other property can be gifted to Maritime Leadership and the full appraised value of the property may be used as a tax deduction.

Bargain Sale/Donation: A bargain sale/donation consists of selling a property or asset at a price significantly lower than market value to a non profit corporation. The owner of the property is then able to write off the difference between the selling price of the property and the appraised value.

Visit our Contact page if you are interested in participating in any of the above options.