One of the strengths of our organization lies within the integrity and quality of our volunteer crew. They range from youth to retired adults whose enjoyment of others makes each trip special for our guests. A number one priority for each of our crew is to help our guests be as involved as they want... from tending a sheet or hoisting a sail to taking the helm and steering the boat. Step aboard one of our vessels and experience our first-class crew for yourself!
Steve Denton
Steve is the captain of Amazing Grace. Steve has been sailing for over 50 years. One of his favorite things to do is to teach others how to sail. Come back to the helm and he will teach you how to sail while you steer the ship.

Janny Denton
Janny has been sailing on Amazing Grace since 2005. Janny is a very experienced sailor having sailed over 20,000 miles. She has a great gift of making everyone feel welcome are cared for


Wesley McCord
Wesley is one of the ships most senior crew members. He began sailing on Amazing Grace when he was only 11 years old. His enthusiasm and dedication caused him to rise in rank very quickly and is now one of the ships first mates.

Read Wesley's inspiring story on our Testimonials Page

Andrew Naslund

Andrew has been sailing on Amazing Grace since he was 13 years old. Since then, he has taken roles such as deckhand, foremast captain, top man and first mate. Andrew loves to spark an interest in tall ship sailing to guests that come aboard. 

LA Isaac 
LA found a passion for sailing after a sunset sail on Amazing Grace. Since then, LA has taken every opportunity he can to go sailing. LA's humor brings a smile to everyone who steps onboard.

Anthony Austin
Anthony is a skilled captain for Maritime Leadership and holds a 100 ton captains license. He comes from a rich background of sailing and is very eager to learn more. Anthony is always encouraging others to reach their full potential. 

Kalin Honda
Kalin is a true team player. He is always finding ways to serve others and make their experience more enjoyable. It is always obvious whenever he in onboard. Kalins continued commitment and perseverance makes all other crew members want to do better.

Kat Waller 
Kats caring and inviting nature creates a very genuine experience onboard. Many people leave with a better outlook because of Kats presence. Amazing Grace is the first vessel that she has sailed on and has learned to sail from the ground up. 

Robin Sutton Brown
Robin is a licensed captain with years of sailing experience. Robin has taught many people to sail and loves sharing his experience and knowledge with others.

Taylor Abeel
Taylor saw Amazing Grace sailing while aboard the topsail schooner Californian and felt drawn to come into contact with Maritime Leadership. Taylor brings extraordinary tall ship sailing experience to the crew. He is a natural leader and does every task with enthusiasm.   

Brandon Bolic

Matt Shirey 
Matt became interested in Maritime Leadership after a 48 hour sailing trip with his youth group. He has an engaging personality which makes more people want to help out. 

Russell Kennedy 
Russell's first sailing experience was on Amazing Grace. Within just a few hours of sailing Russell had an understanding of most of the rig. His hard work and willingness to learn more is an inspiration to others.