User Manual

Running program under AGTH

AGTH consists of hook module agth.dll and loader agth.exe.
To load application - pass its name to agth.exe as command line argument.

Example for running from shortcut:

  1. Create shortcut for the game.
  2. Open properties of the created shortcut. In "Target" field will be something like
    "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"
  3. Append to the start of the "Target" field full path to where you extracted AGTH, so it will be
    "C:\AGTH\agth.exe" "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"
  4. Make sure that "Start in" filed hasn't changed after you changed the "Target" and there is space between AGTH and game exe paths.
  5. Run the game from this shortcut.

Before the name of program to load you can specify some options for AGTH. Each option must be separated by spaces from both sides.
Everything after the name of program will be passed to that program as its command line.

Example of running the same game but also automaticaly copy captured text to clipboard:

"C:\AGTH\agth.exe" /C "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"

Full list of available options can be found with Help menu from interface or /? from command line.

Working with loaded AGTH

After load AGTH will create its window, where it will show captured text.

AGTH separetes text into several 'text threads' based on 'context' (to avoid mess from mixing text of game, menu, title...). Displayed text thread could be chosen by drop-down list in the upper part of AGTH window. As game runs, new text threads could be found and added to list.

If you close AGTH window it will not detach it's hook from the running applications, so if AGTH is started again it will continue to hook the text, hook options will be unchaged too.

Additional features

AGTH can try to correct locale of programs - useful for running japanese games with system locale set to non-japanese.

/R option tries to correct locale the AGTH-way - minor visual glitches are possible, but overall program should run like started on system with specified locale.
/L option works exactly as running program under AppLocale (also this option requires installed AppLocale).

AGTH can be used just for fixing locale without any text hooking.
Example of starting QuickATLAS with locale overriden to japanese (useful in case when you see only '?????' in it instead of characters):

C:\AGTH\agth.exe /L /NH "C:\Program Files\Atlas\QuickATLAS.exe"