Guide by fhc (with screenshots, for newbies)

Guide by mastress

Advanced AGTH Video Tutorials by Freaka

Discussion forum

Official discussion thread: HongFire AGTH thread

If you have problems with AGTH it's good idea to read the guides first, than read (or at least search) forum thread and only after that start asking questions.

Related tools

Translation Aggregator - convenient interface for several translation engines.

Previous versions

Previous version of AGTH: 2008.11.20

SHA1 checksums of files:
agth.exe C895B3925A7AB33E5282A7AE545F060FF8FCF68A
agth.dll 3EC9345654AD207943D4F24E46C6F789B267BA58

If these checksums match and your antivirus finds a virus/trojan in AGTH - ask its creators to reanalyze the files.