Welcome to the world of tiny houses!

"The greenest square foot is the one you don't build." Geoffrey Warner of Alchemy Architects

DeltecHomes.comThe smallest model at DeltecHomes.com - multi-sided homes made with 8' panels

This website has two goals ~ er, make that three:
  • To help me organize and ultimately weave together the information and resources I come across as I make plans and get going with building myself a small house-on-wheels
  • To enable me to share information & photos with my friends ~ and anyone else who comes by ~ hopefully enthusing you with some of the passion I feel!
  • And to celebrate this process of pausing to enjoy the view. That's what tiny houses evoke for me ~ certainly the planning process, and hopefully the building and the eventual living in one too! It feels very different from the days of being burdened with a mortgage. It's nice to be free to respond to each day as it comes!
Getting oriented   The left sidebar on each page lists 4 main sections:
  • Style (all about the look, the design, the plan of a TW) ~ check out the You-Tubes! And add the Gambrel look... and the Deltec look!
  • The Big Picture (thinking about living in a tiny house)
  • The Nitty-Gritty (research towards building a tiny house)
  • Adventure-on-Wheels (landmarks in AG's building process)

Charming mini barn with cupola vent and a beautifully proportioned gambrel roof ~ the starting point for a small house on wheels?
Photo credit: Barry Macler (Napa, CA), 12x16 Mini-Barn designed by Dano of BarnPlans.com
Charming mini barn with cupola vent and a beautifully proportioned gambrel roof ~
the starting point for a small house on wheels?

  A twentieth-century mystic said:

Simplicity doesn't mean to live in misery and poverty.
You have what you need,
and you don't want to have what you don't need.
Master Charan Singh

So you could live in a mansion and still live simply. For some of us, Tumbleweeds and Gambrel mini-houses just make it attractive and easier to simplify!
It's actually energizing and exciting to downsize if it allows you to live more in alignment with your passions and priorities. Remember how luxurious it feels when you feel good and you have time to yourself ~ to stretch, to smile at the day, to wander in your garden or sit on a swing and read a book? All those kinds of things, whether you have a big or a very little income, are possible in a small house-on-wheels. Even thinking about it may awaken an old and long-forgotten seed: peace of mind... That's what it's all about, after all. Harmony. Contentment. Peace of mind.

I shall be delighted if this website inspires or encourages you to enjoy simplifying your life. Best wishes for a fantastic adventure ~
Anthea G
aka "A.G."

You can see some photos of Tumbleweed tiny houses in the Overview and in the Style section under particular owner-builders like Dee Williams and Will Pedersen. I will post photos of my own building project when it gets off the ground. Right now (2010) I'm saving (almost halfway) and design-dreaming.

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