Seminars and Workshops

   4th Generation Executive Development

Recognising the current shift in professional and management development, AGSM delivers learning and development programmes under its pioneering 4th Generation model.

AGSM is incorporating a series of methods that increase the effectiveness of the development experience for the participants.  These include:

Personal and Professional Development Planning
Mentoring and Coaching
Business and Management Simulations
Live Cases and Consultancies
Work Based Learning
Online Learning and Collaboration

Experienced managers who which to upgrade their knowledge and skills to a strategic level
Aspiring managers who aim at positions of higher responsibility
Entrepreneurs who need to increase the competitiveness and performance of their companies
Professionals who need management knowledge and skills to become more effective

CEO Business Simulation
CEO Pharma Business Simulation
CEO Retail Business Simulation

Certificates and Diplomas
Professional qualifications are designed to address the needs of working professionals, executives at various levels as well as companies and organisations.

Aspiring and New
They provide an introduction to the main facets and operations of organisations.  They introduce the challenges faced by modern day businesses and focus upon developing understanding, skills and abilities to equip the learner with the awareness and aptitudes to be an effective organisational manager and leader.

Certificate in Management
Diploma in Management
Ex Diploma in Management

They provide a solid grounding in core principles and skills needed to take a management role in global organisations. Participants will be able to contribute positively to decision-making, process management and people management in their organisation.

Certificate in Management
Diploma in Management
Ex Diploma in Management

These programmes are designed for those who want to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of organisations and how executive management can help to achieve organisational and strategic objectives.

Diploma in Management
Ex Diploma in Management

Pathways in:
Marketing and Sales
Accounting and Finance
People Management
Operations and Logistics

These are advanced programmes designed for senior managers or directors with authority across organisations who aspire to lead by translating strategy into effective performance.  They provide the tools, knowledge, and critical acumen to develop cutting-edge management strategies, implement them through assembling and leading teams and being able to critically evaluate alternatives and assess results.

Diploma in Strategic Management
Ex Diploma in Strategic Management

Pathways in:
Human Resources
International Business

Bachelor in Business and Management

Build on your existing knowledge of business and management and develop your flexibility and ability to thrive in dynamic environments. Your course will prepare you for a management career within the world of business. You will explore and apply management theories and techniques to business problems, developing policies and strategies to address these issues. You will evaluate strategic and operational issues facing international and multinational companies.

Through your consultancy project, you will work on real-life business challenges facing employers. You will also learn to work as part of a team, working in a virtual learning environment with students who may be studying on the other side of the world

Master in Business Administration

The Master in Business Administration has been designed with the professional and personal goals of the experienced professional in mind.  It offers participants a practical skills-based management development experience supported by the highest standards of academic excellence.

The MBA programme enables students to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills through experiential and project-based learning and by having their perceptions and interpretation of business management challenged.

The MBA programme provides participants with the opportunity to:

assess their respective careers
help them to identify and work on their strengths and weaknesses
facilitate their access to extra-curricular activities and guest speakers
offer support in achieving a promotion in their current company, in finding a new job, or in deciding on their new career path.
The MBA is a flexible programme that makes allowances for pressures experienced by students who are in employment. The core syllabus incorporates fundamental Business and Management principles that are reviewed regularly to reflect current key business issues. The programme content is organised around key themes that reflect business practice and the programme aims to develop critical business knowledge and skills around these themes.

Doctorate in Business Administration

The DBA aims at preparing executives for leadership roles in management and business.  The programme develops the executive's competence to research, understand and propose tangible solutions to managerial and organisational issues.

To achieve these aims, at the highest academic and intellectual level, the programme's objectives are defined as follows:

To support participants in researching the relationship between theory and practice, to understand reality and the its change processes
To support participants in developing judgement, vision and analytic abilities in the application of theoretical and practical tools over the research data which are generated through their research activity.
To support participants in order for them to develop as reflective practitioners, who have the intellectual and personal ability to adapt, so that they can lead organisational change and effectively deal with complexity.
To develop participants' communication skills so that they can effectively communicate both with the academic and business communities and function as intermediaries.
The DBA requires commitment and hard work and its duration is from 3 to 4 years.  In exchange, the programme offers a unique management development experience and the attainment of a highly sought after qualification.