Quality and Certificates

Agro Arena deals with 2 types of honey – our own production which is certified as organic, and non-certified products provided by our partners.

The organic honey is produced and controlled at our company. The honey produced by our special contract partners is not submitted for organic certification, but is controlled by independent institutions and its quality is guaranteed. In order to meet the increasing demand for organic honey, we are considering to apply for organic certification on behalf of our partners which we could offer as our certified products (a 2 years` period of testing is required after the date of application).

Past analyses of organic and non-organic products

Bulgarian public testing institutions

  • Central Laboratory of Veterinary and Ecology
  • Bulgarian National Agriculture and Food ministry

Japanese inspection institutions

  • CRC Institute for food and environmental hygiene
  • Association of food and environment inspectors
Copies of past analyses are provided at the links below
★ Main certification of organic production

The certificates granted by Balkan Biocert, a national certification body, for the years between 2007 and 2010 can be viewed below

Our company`s production system is in line with the regulations of EU regarding agricultural farming

★ About organic certification
Some of the main conditions for organic certification

Honey source
Wild plants or organically grown plants as source of honey

2. Control towards areas of environmental pollution
Lack of agents of environmental pollution (industrial plants, large residential areas, main roads etc) within 3 kilometers from the apiaries

3. Control of beekeeping
No usage of medicines that can be traced in honey. Strict avoidance of medicines for bees` life protection.

4. Control of equipment
Keeping things as natural as possible - usage of natural products in beehives and of non-toxic paints on them (in our case - paints with organic certification made in Germany).
Honey extracting and bottling
Securing hygienic conditions and disposing of non-polluting substances