From 2012, our company offers organic propolis, collected at our apiaries, all of which are certified according to the European standards for organic production.

  Propolis is an unique product which has been known since ancient times for its medical properties. It is a green or brown resinous substance with a pleasant smell of poplar buds and junipers, beehoney and honeycomb. People assume that propolis is just the result of bees` collecting of resins of botanical sources, but in reality, they collect the sticky substance from the buds of tress, mainly poplars, birches and willows, and then enrich it thhrough fermentation.

 The result is a cmplex chemical substance which is composed from flavored substances, resins, flavonoids, vitanims and mineral substances. Propolis provides bees with prevention from bacterial diseases and insects. Bees polish with propolis the queen cups in which the queen bee lays eggs in order to protect the larvae from diseases.

Owing to its unique composition, propolis has wide application in medicine and as an ingredient in various health products. 

  [Our propolis is collected directly from the beehive, and is not subjected to chamical or thermal treatment]