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  • Washington, D. C. by Gore Vidal is the sixth in his Narratives of Empire series of historical novels (although the first one published, in 1967). It begins in 1937 and continues into the Cold War, tracing the families of Senator James Burden Day and Blaise Sanford.
  • Washington, D.C. (, ), formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, the District, or simply D.C., is the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790.
  • Union Station is the grand ceremonial train station designed to be the entrance to Washington, D.C., when it opened in 1908.
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Over Washington DC
Over Washington DC
Over Washington, D.C.: Our Nations Capital

Product Features Narrated by 2-Time Academy® Award-Winner Jason Robards
As seen on public television
Crystal clear high definition
Rare views from above the White House and the Pentagon
Visit all the landmarks in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas
Original music score
Unique photographic styles offer a variety of perspectives
Special combo pack includes Over Washington, D.C.
part of an Emmy Award-winning series

Product Description
Narrated by 2-Time Academy® Award-Winner Jason Robards!
See all of Washington, D.C., in ways you never thought you could! Soar over the White House and the Pentagon, get an up-close look at the intricate architecture inside the Capitol building, take a seat in the Supreme Court building and get a unique 360-degree view of the Washington Monument from the air. And take a moment to reflect as you fly peacefully over Arlington National Cemetery. OVER® Washington, D.C., narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor Jason Robards and previously seen on public television, beautifully captures the U.S. capitals grandeur, history and vitality in a way no other film does.
U.S. history, outside and in. Ever been inside the Library of Congress? How about the Washington National Cathedral? Get an intimate view of these beautiful places and many more and learn how they fit into our nation s history with narration by the legendary Oscar®-winning actor Jason Robards.

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Washington, DC
Washington, DC
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Washington DC
Washington DC
Tulips & Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

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