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How To Make A Silk Wedding Bouquet

how to make a silk wedding bouquet
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Deb's wreath
Deb's wreath
Deb's wreath comprised of the same flowers as the bouquet. This turned out better than expected but not as good as I had hoped. Hard to set it anywhere without something being slightly smashed on the underside. This was my first wearable wreath outside of a practice one. Since I couldnt find an easy technique involving fresh flowers (and I didnt want to do silks), I made up my own: ~measure head with heavy-ish floral wire (16 gauge used) based on where the wearer wanted it to sit on the head. ~create matching 2nd loop using same wire. ~using needle nose pliers/wire cutters and smaller gauge wire (22 gauge used), cut small pieces of wire about an inch to 1 1/2" long. I used about 5 or 6 of these pieces. ~using needle nose pliers and your fingers, loop one end of smaller gauge wire around one side of the thicker gauge circle you have previously made. best to loop around a few times because it will help with minor adjustments later. try to crimp any sharp edges onto the thicker piece of wire, also helps thinner stay put. ~lay second thicker gauge circle previously made on top of first, make sure they're facing the same way if oblong. repeat previous step with loose end of thinner gauge wire leaving about 1/2" to 1" of unlooped wire in between. This spaces out the two large circles. It's personal preference and best judgement on how far apart to space them. You want enough room to work with later but dont want the headpiece to be floppy. ~repeat small gauge wire looping steps all around. When finished, you will have your framework. ~use floral tape to further secure any loose bits and help protect from sharp edges. ~using ribbon (I liked about 3/4" wide, your color choice) and a hot glue gun, affix starting edge of ribbon (preferably at about a 45 degree angle) to one of the thicker pieces of wire with hot glue. ~once dry, start wrapping around frame, hot gluing where needed (I did every wrap, probably overkill) to keep ribbon from slipping and leaving gaps. Hot glue ends overlapping each other when you reach the starting point. ~once dry, create small boutonniere sized bouquets, wrap stems together with floral tape, wire if needed (trim any excess stems to keep these from getting too thick) ~using hot glue, glue mini bouquets/bouts to the now-ribbon covered framework. lay them in a somewhat alternating pattern so flowers are not in an exact straight line (unless wanted). ~dont create too many mini bouquets/bouts ahead of time, I did one at a time, held the frame up, played with positioning, then once I knew where I was going to place it did I use the hot glue to affix. ~do not hot glue directly to live material, it will not stick and will damage the flowers. This is the reason for taping. ~I found that using floral tape to affix flowers to framework created a sticky mess in the hair.
My wedding bouquet
My wedding bouquet
Handmade by me using silk flowers, ribbon and pearl-headed pins. I had never attempted to make a bouquet before this - I can't even arrange flowers nicely in a vase!! So I was really pleased with how this turned out. It's about 12 inches wide. I made 2 similar smaller versions for my bridesmaids.

how to make a silk wedding bouquet