Green Floral Dress

green floral dress
  • resembling or made of or suggestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design"
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green floral dress - Size-18M RRE-4083E
Size-18M RRE-4083E 2-Piece HONEYDEW-GREEN BOW FRONT FLORAL EMBROIDERED Special Occasion Spring Easter Party Capri Dress Outfit/Set,E140831 Rare Editions INFANT
Size-18M RRE-4083E 2-Piece HONEYDEW-GREEN BOW FRONT FLORAL EMBROIDERED Special Occasion Spring Easter Party Capri Dress Outfit/Set,E140831 Rare Editions INFANT
Beautiful HONEYDEW-GREEN & WHITE POLKA DOT EMBROIDERED CAPRI OUTFIT/SET features fully lined sleeveless WHITE CLIP-DOT DRESS/TOP with PINK & GREEN FLORAL EMBROIDERED DETAILS and GREEN/WHITE-DOTTED EMPIRE WAIST BODICE with BOW FRONT TRIM and SHIRRED SHOULDER STRAPS. Pull-on HONEWDEW-GREEN & WHITE POLKA DOT CAPRI/PANTS features comfortable elasticized waist. Machine washable. Imported. Of 100% cotton - Lining of polyester/cotton - Exclusive of trim/decoration. Matching/Coordinating sister styles available in sizes 3M-4T, search for style(s): RRE-40831. More baby & girl party dresses available, search for: " rre-girl-party-dress "

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Floral Dress
Floral Dress
13 pound at Primark I can't really say I like Primark, because of the big stream of people and the cheap clothing that doesn't fit or you're size isn't there anymore. But I do like the retail prizes. And after looking thru the 4 story shop in Bristol, I found a nice floral printed dress. It doesn't fit perfectly and the fabric is quite harsh, but I like the print and the shape. Eventually it's a great buy. My apologies for the blurry first picture, but damn the light is so scare nowadays, the only thing that brings pleasure in Holland nowadays is: The snow, the ice and the cold.. NOT!
Pretty Romantic blue green floral dress
Pretty Romantic blue green floral dress
This is a really romantic billowy chiffon dress. I'm sure my mum's bridesmaid had something like this in yellow!

green floral dress
green floral dress
MODERN LOVE Floral Print Trapeze Dress [WDY-5257], Choco/Green, Medium
Modern Love sleeveless dress is constructed of a stretch, floral print, crinkled chiffon fabrication with a jersey underlayer. The scoop neckline is finished with brown sateen band that continues into the shoulder straps. The back secures with two button-loop closures at the neck, and a hidden zipper closure at the center of the bodice. The waist is accentuated with a sateen sash belt that ties in front. Bottom of the dress is finished with a rolled hem. Measures approximately 36" long from shoulder to hem.