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Log Playground Equipment

log playground equipment
    playground equipment
  • A playground or play area is a place with a specific design for children be able to play there. It may be indoors but is typically outdoors (where it may be called a tot lot in some regions. )
  • An official record of events during the voyage of a ship or aircraft
  • enter into a log, as on ships and planes
  • A part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off
  • a segment of the trunk of a tree when stripped of branches
  • A regular or systematic record of incidents or observations
  • logarithm: the exponent required to produce a given number
log playground equipment - Log 17
Log 17
Log 17
Log 17 (Fall 2009), guest edited by Mark Foster Gage and Florencia Pita, features essays and conversations focusing on relationships between new media and materiality in architecture with an emphasis on sensation and affect. Contributors include: Sir Peter Cook; Joe Day; David Erdman; Jeffrey Kipnis; Sylvia Lavin; Alex McDowell; William O'Brien Jr.; David Ruy; Mohamed Sharif; and Teresa Stoppani. The cover features a 3-D drawing by Tristan Eaton and the issue comes with a pair of 3-D glasses (in lieu of the traditional Log postcard). Conversations include: Thom Mayne and Hernan Diaz Alonso discussing drawing; Peter Zellner and colleagues discussing the pretensions of form; and Todd Gannon interviewing Georgina Huljich and Marcelo Spina, the curators of the Matters of Sensation exhibition held at Artists Space, New York, in 2008. The issue closes with Kenneth Frampton's In Memoriam C.G., In the American Vein: The Domestic Architecture of Charles Gwathmey.

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Fancy new playground equipment in the yard at my old elementary school. True story that makes me sound like a grandpa: when I was a kid, you know what we had to play on? A log. It was just a big old log sitting in a kind of a rut in the ground. The log had a bit of a sawed-off branch protruding from it on either side, which you could use to rock it back and forth a little. So a bunch of kids would stand on the log, and another one would rock it and try to knock them off. Good times! Also, a couple of lengths of concrete pipe, maybe 4' in diameter, that you could run through or, if you were tall enough, climb on. </old man>
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log playground equipment
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