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Poseidon Diving Equipment

poseidon diving equipment
    diving equipment
  • The fundamental item of diving equipment used by divers is scuba equipment, such as the aqualung or rebreather. There are other important pieces of equipment that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient.
  • Poseidon (Greek: ????????; Latin: Neptunus) was the god of the sea, storms, and, as "Earth-Shaker," of earthquakes in Greek mythology. The name of the sea-god Nethuns in Etruscan was adopted in Latin for Neptune in Roman mythology: both were sea gods analogous to Poseidon.
  • Poseidon is the fourth full-length studio album released by French metal band Dagoba. It was released on August 30, 2010 through the French record label XIII Bis Records.
  • The god of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses, son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus. He is often depicted with a trident in his hand
  • (Greek mythology) the god of the sea and earthquakes in ancient mythology; brother of Zeus and Hades and Hera; identified with Roman Neptune
poseidon diving equipment - PROMATE Snorkeling
PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive SIDE-VIEWED PURGE Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Gear Set, ClrWBk, MLXL
PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive SIDE-VIEWED PURGE Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Gear Set, ClrWBk, MLXL
Drag reducing jet vented design.
High quality and stylish looking.
Durable & lightweight.
Open heel design.
Soft rubber foot pocket for comfortable fit with either socks or barefoot.
Easy adjust strap with release buttons.
Men Size (Shoes): S/M(5-8), ML/XL(9-13)
Women Size (Shoes): S/M(6-9), ML/XL(10-14)
Side-view Edgeless Purge Mask:
Patented purge design.
Patented channeled skirt design directs bubbles away from view.
Ideal for medium to large faces.
Crystal, liquid silicone injected skirt and strap.
Double skirt edge comfort seal.
Low volume.
Swivel and adjustable buckles.
Tempered glasses.
Made in Thailand.
Dry Whistle Snorkel: A unique, 100% absolute dry design -- Patented upper valve keeps water from entering the snorkel. Allows air to easily enter snorkel for clean and unobstructed breathing. Specially designed cover guards against water splashing into the snorkel. When the dry snorkel is submerged in water, the patented hinged seal reacts to seal the snorkel, preventing water from entering. As you surface, the hinged seal swings open allowing air to enter.
Built-in whistle housing.
Quick slip-in snorkel keeper.
Pre-curved flexible silicone corrugated low section.
Pre-curved silicone mouthpiece, prevents jaw fatigue.
Silicone purge valve for easy draining.

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Poseidon is run by 2 Germans, Gert my instructor, and a guy named Max. Max wasnt especially crazy about my special schedule but Gert went to bat for me. It probably helped that I agreed to stay in the room and that I shared my dream of swimming with whales with the enthusiasm of a child discussing Santa Claus. The "hostel", by the way, is unlike any ive ever seen. Its all built like an industrial ship... All heavy metal doors with huge locks, metal steps, and the like. When you go downstairs you immediately see rows of cylinders and diving equipment, their boats, their diving pools, and cleaning station. Its perfect for people who come here to focus on their diving. Its perfect for me.
MK V Mod 1 Helium/Oxygen Deep Sea Diving Rig (1961) Jake
MK V Mod 1 Helium/Oxygen Deep Sea Diving Rig (1961) Jake
The Mark V Mod 1 diving suit is typical of diving equipment used by both Navy and civilians for deep sea salvage and submarine rescue operations since its invention in 1838 until the late 1980’s. The ‘Mod 1’ refers to the large metal chamber attached to the rear of the helmet, which is used to mix helium and oxygen for the diver to breathe. By substituting helium for the nitrogen we usually breathe, the diver can dive deeper, remain clear headed, and return to the surface with less chance of having nitrogen bubbles form in this bloodstream causing the often fatal “bends.” “Jake weighs 297lbs. (135kg) on land.

poseidon diving equipment
poseidon diving equipment
Poseidon [Blu-ray]
POSEIDON - Blu-Ray Movie

The 1972 disaster hit The Poseidon Adventure was ripe for a big-budget CGI remake, and who better to helm it than thriller expert Wolfgang Petersen, director of Das Boot and The Perfect Storm? It hardly matters that a TV movie remake (also based on Paul Gallico's original 1969 source novel) was made less than a year before, because Petersen's version is far more spectacular, with shocking digital effects, massive sets, amazing stunt-work and enough fire and water to fill five movies with challenging worst-case scenarios. Once again, the plot concerns the capsizing (by a massive "rogue wave") of a state-of-the-art luxury liner, and the struggle of a small group of survivors (including Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Emmy Rossum, and Richard Dreyfuss) to climb upwards, to the ship's hull, in their treacherous quest for a safe exit. Unfortunately, most of these characters are two-dimensional and under-developed (especially when compared to the 1972 film's all-star cast), and the unimaginative screenplay by Mark Protosevich (reportedly worked on by several uncredited writers) subjects them to a rote series of obstacles that grow increasingly routine and repetitious, not to mention contrived and illogical. Again, it hardly matters, because Petersen's handling of non-stop action is so slick and professional that Poseidon gets by on sheer adrenaline. The capsizing scenes are nothing less than awesome, with some effects so real (and so horrifying) that younger and more sensitive viewers may need to look away. And while it lacks the engaging humanity of the 1972 version, Poseidon is certainly never boring. Faint praise, perhaps, but you'll get your popcorn's worth of mindless entertainment. --Jeff Shannon

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