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Camping Equipment Usa

camping equipment usa
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camping equipment usa - The Essential
The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual: Equipment Care, Repair, and Selection
The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual: Equipment Care, Repair, and Selection
Here's what reviewers said about the first edition of The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual
"The trouble with outdoor equipment is that everyone has an opinion--one usually based on advertising hype, personal bias, or hearsay. Finally, here's a book that gives you all the information necessary to make objective buying decisions. This book, with its sound advice, will save you money and make you a better backcountry traveler."--Nancy Prichard, outdoor adventure journalist
"Think about something that we all need, yet we'd all hate to have to write a book about. After mouthwash, we'd probably settle on gear repair and maintenance. Thank goodness Annie Getchell came along with her artist's sensitivity for detail, a flair for language, and best of all, her wit. From repairing zippers to selecting 'green' adhesives, she nails it and keeps us smiling the entire distance."--John Viehman, Publisher of Backpacker and Executive Producer and Series Host of Anyplace Wild
"The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual has set a new standard for books about gear."--Backcountry
"All of us should be grateful to Annie Getchell for creating what is the best book I have ever seen on caring for and repairing your outdoor gear. If you want to know how to make your gear last longer, you need this book. . . . This is the complete word on care and repair."--Adventure West
"The big challenge with this sort of book is to make what is essentially an instruction manual into something that's pleasant to read, functional, and authoritative. Annie Getchell pulls it off."--Alan Kesselheim, writer and noted long-distance paddler

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When you pull back the curtain, there's so much to see
When you pull back the curtain, there's so much to see
We camped one night at Lava Beds National Monument in NE California. It was hot and there was a pervasive dust that clung to you and got all in the tent and dried out your skin and eyes and nose and throat. But that night there were stars, the likes of which most people today will probably never see. The dry, clear air in the high desert, miles away from any source of light pollution (the nearest town of any size is about an hour away), just opens up the heavens. This arguably isn't a great photograph. I couldn't get a short enough exposure to hold the stars, but didn't have the equipment to do a 10 or 20 minute exposure that would give you those wonderful star trails. But it does give you a sense of how much we could see, how many stars there were, and how much structure (like the Milky Way) the night sky can have. Several thousand years ago, this sort of sight would have been commonplace across much of the world, and it was still not uncommon even a few hundred years ago. Now light pollution and air quality means that most of us will never see such a sight, and if we do it will be a rare, special event like it was for us.
Camping Equipment
Camping Equipment
Apart from some clothes, this is what I'm taking for a 200 mile hike in the U.S. [Update] Stuff that didn't make it back: Trousers, ripped open sliding down half crescent on second day, binned on first day back in civilization. Sunglasses, broke first day. Cameras ditched before we even flew out to California because of weight. Sleeping pad, left in California. Glasses, made it back, but grit and sand ruined them (despite being in their case the whole time). Spork, snapped. Watch, fell off and lost. Stuff I couldn't have lived without Hat, mp3 player, deet, camel bak (not shown, bought it after a few days out there). Stuff I didn't need Water bottles (useful, but camel bak far far better), Nintendo DS (battery flat by the time I wanted to use it), flip flops (sprained ankle wading stream in them, should have bought crocs), maps and notebook (though if I'd have got lost, the maps would have been worth it), towel (used it maybe once).

camping equipment usa
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