Handicap Hunting Equipment

handicap hunting equipment
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handicap hunting equipment - Freedom Staff
Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Hand Controls
Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Hand Controls
The Freedom Staff Is the only Portable Handicap Hand Controls Product that also comes with a steering knob, so you can easily handle the wheel with your right hand while operating the hand control device with your left hand. Unlike some inferiorly designed products, you do not have to try to control the pedals with your thumb that is very difficult and will fatigue your thumb very fast. This revolutionary design allows you to accelerate by gently pulling the lever toward you and to brake by gently pushing the lever toward the floor. It is so smooth that it's actually easier than driving with pedals. Built with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and convenient carry bag, your freedom staff will be your good friend for life

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Conflicts produced from those who do not think yet talking relentlessly is the center for many of our world’s social problems. Making fun of handicapped people are among the issues that could be fixed simply by shutting our mouths, listening, and thinking.
Handicapped Parking Violator
Handicapped Parking Violator
Check out this moron who can't use a regular parking space. Note the blue handicapped sign at the rear of the vehicle, handicapped parking sign, no blue or red placard nor does the vehicle have a plate for disabled veteran or handicapped parking.

handicap hunting equipment
handicap hunting equipment
2 Sets of MirorTag Silver - A Novel Way to Protect, Display & Put Away a Handicapped Parking Placard. Slip in your handicap placard into this 18 mils thick and uniquely designed cover and protector; unlike others, this one comes with a strong hook that will never melt or bend or break in the sun or cold. Magnetically snap the holder On & Off to a Hook you mount behind your rearview mirror once and no need to remove it unless you transfer it to another car. No more back & neck pain. No more hangi
It is illegal in all states to drive with your handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror, but it is not easy to hang and remove the placard as required by law. Mirortag is designed to protect and preserve your tag. It allows you to easily display and put away your handicap parking placard. Simply insert your tag into the plastic holder, place the hook on rearview mirror once. When parked, move plastic holder close to hook and the magnet will snap onto the metal plate of the holder to hold the placard in place. Before your drive, simply pull down the plastic holder to unlatch it from the hook. MirorTag has super strong magnets that keeps the placard and hook held together. Unlike all flimsy sheaths, its sturdy hook is sun & cold-resistant, protecting your placard from cracks, tears and creases. MirorTag is offered in 2 versions, MirorTag Silver and MirorTag Gold. Both versions share the same hook, with the plastic holder is thinner in the Silver model (18 mils) vs the Gold that comes with a sturdier plastic (60 mils). Extra hooks can be purchased seperatly for multiple cars. Made in USA.

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