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    a 10:10 organisation

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    A Greener Hawick SCIO Transition Town SC043634

    We are conducting a survey about the organisation. Please take a few minutes to fill in the ten questions.
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    Annual General Meeting
    The first AGM of A Greener Hawick after becoming a SCIO was scheduled for 19th September.
    Unfortunately we did not reach quorum the next AGM will be scheduled during 2014.

    Group granted charity status
    Following the Special General Meeting to confirm the move to
     become a SCIO
    the Steering Group submitted the application to OSCR and 
    we have been accepted as a charity.
    A Greener Hawick SCIO has now been set up and 
    all assets and liabilities of the earlier organisation transferred to the new organisation.
    All members will be invited to join the new group and sign the agreement necessary.
    The new constitution is available under Resources.


    The organisation’s purposes are:

    to aid improvement of and protection against adverse consequences to the environment in the Hawick area. We aim to do this by increasing awareness and understanding of climate disruption and the end of cheap oil, exploring the consequences for Hawick and promoting our part in reducing and mitigating those impacts.

    to advance health in the Hawick area by promoting local and healthy foods as a benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply.